Poor Workplace Culture

Poor Workplace Culture

Whether you’ve put in intentional, conscious effort or simply shown up and run your business each day, your business has a culture. Sometimes, in the absence of intentional effort (or in spite of it), patterns of behavior and interaction can develop that have a detrimental effect on your business. Maybe it feels like people aren’t communicating well, morale is low, turnover is high, or there’s a general feeling of distrust or secrecy. In addition to making work feel more stressful, poor workplace culture can impact your bottom line and inhibit the growth of your business.

We can help improve your culture:

Culture Assessment

A culture assessment is a great place to start and can help identify broader issues and possible solutions.

Business Coaching

Leaders play a critical role in influencing workplace culture. If your culture needs improvement, the truth is, you probably do too. We can help you increase your self-awareness and develop the communication and leadership skills you need to better serve your employees and your business.

Internal Marketing

Thoughtful communication about company goals and values, and targeted training programs to inform and educate employees can improve communication and motivate employees.