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Album Review Sheet

What was once a Google Sheet has gotten a bit niftier. Explore new music, rate albums and learn more about your own tastes with the Song Library.

Listen to Playlists

Explore and expand your tastes with our playlists or playlists created by our community. Soon we’ll have something for every mood.

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Become the featured artist for our weekly playlists or share your favorite playlists casually with our Playlist Sharing Form.

Weekly Schedule

Weekly Question


Help us create the Friday playlist by answering the weekly question on Instagram or here on the website.



Each week we share an album we love along with our own rendition of the album artwork and song colors.

Question Playlist


The Album Review Sheet gets a big update and we share a playlist created by the Weekly Question submissions.

Curated Playlist


We curate our own playlist or we work with a creator to highlight their work and accompany it with a playlist.

Our Latest Playlists

Awaiting The Cure

Awaiting The Cure

We're very excited to announce our first ever Artist Feature. Andy Bauman (Cogito Prints) creates stunning handmade linoleum relief prints and has just released a special piece...

Back to Mars

Back to Mars

This playlist starts and ends feeling grounded, but in the middle it feels a little out in space. And, because a few songs we picked happens to have cosmic themes, I decided to...



Get some warm tea ready and maybe add some honey because your vocal cords are going to need all the help they can get. Even if you don't know all these songs, you'll probably...

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