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Explanation of Views


This grid/table view is most similar to the old Google Sheet view.

By Rating

Any album with a rating, in order from highest rated to lowest.

Best ALbums

Displays albums that have 4 or more reviews, at least one of the reviews is from a user of the sheet and it maintains a score of higher than 80.

By Listens

Any album with a rating, in order from most ratings to least.

Recent Additions

Displays albums added to the sheet in the last several days.

Mellowlark Playlists

Links to all of the playlists shared via weekly emails this year for both Spotify and Apple Music.

Album Details

Song Library numbers averaged across all songs on that release. Looking for an album that’s on the happier end? Look for an album with a higher average in energy and valence!

Song Library

This is a grid/table view that displays where songs from albums on the sheet sit on certain spectrums.

  • Acoustic: How Much of the Mix is Acoustic Instruments (0 = Least, 100 = Most)
  • BPM: Beats Per Minute
  • Dance: How Danceable The Song Is (0 = Least, 100 = Most)
  • Energy: How Energetic the Song Is (0 = Least, 100 = Most)
  • Loud: The Average Decibel of the Song (The Lower The More Quiet)
  • Valence: The Mood of the Song, Is it more positive (happy or romantic) or more negative (sad or angry) (0 = Most Negative, 100 = Most Positive)