Song Colors

What goes into determining a songs color?

Using song attribute data from Spotify and survey responses from Mellowlark users we established a tool that automatically applies the patterns found in our survey responses to a song when it’s entered into our system along with the Spotify data. 

You can view which color each song is, by visiting our Song Library. The color appears to the left of the songs row.


If you’re wondering which specific attributes contribute to a songs color, here’s a color-by-color breakdown for you.

More positive in emotion and more danceable than average.

Less energetic, less loud, less danceable, and more acoustic than average.

These do not fit neatly into any other color. 

More positive in emotion than average, but less danceable.

More positive, energetic and acoustic than average.

Louder, more energetic, more negative in emotion, and less acoustic than average.