Internal Marketing

Internal Marketing

Communicating your brand and its identity to your employees is just as important as communicating it to potential customers. Internal marketing includes crafting targeted communications and training aimed at educating employees about your company and improving employee engagement. It is a core component of creating a strong workplace culture.

Why Invest in Internal Marketing:

A person frustrated at work

Poor Workplace Culture

If internal marketing is weak or absent, employees may feel disconnected from the company’s mission and values, which can leave them feeling unmotivated, disengaged, or frustrated.

Positive customer feedback

Low Customer Engagement

If employees are not well aligned and dedicated to the mission, chances are your customer experience is not as strong and cohesive as it could be.

Shiny objects

Shiny Object Syndrome

The less your brand’s vision and values are felt and understood by your employees, the less likely they are able to identify how to best prioritize and invest their time.