For this week’s curated playlist, I took a close look at one Mellowlark user’s album ratings and the favorite songs that went along with those ratings.

I ended up finding patterns like when this user likes a song with a lower BPM, they also like it to be a little more energetic, louder, and more acoustic. Or, when a song has a more prevalent and steady beat, they also like it to be louder and more positive in emotion.

Using information like this I was able to whittle down the list of 8400+ songs on Mellowlark to 232. From there, I picked about 40 songs, then pared it back further in attempt to make a cohesive set of songs.

Hope you all enjoy the results of my experiment! If you’re interested in learning this sort of thing about your own tastes, rate 30 or more albums (with favorite tracks) by Dec 11th on Mellowlark. Our most active users enjoy personalized playlists and other stats at the end of each year.


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