We’re very excited to announce our first ever Artist Feature. Andy Bauman (Cogito Prints) creates stunning handmade linoleum relief prints and has just released a special piece for Halloween this year, Awaiting The Cure! Keep reading to hear more from Andy on that.

In addition, Andy has put together an accompanying playlist to suit the mood of the season and the piece. There’s lots to enjoy about it and it does a great job of maintaining a certain level of eeriness. Enjoy!

More from Andy:

All Hallows’ Eve 2020 is nigh! If any year feels like everyday could be Halloween it’s 2020. But what is Halloween? What does this day signify? Halloween is the day when the veil between the world of the living and the world of the dead is thinnest. Gradually it disappears until the spirits of the dead can return to earth to hold the living once more, or to haunt them.

The specter of death looms large over 2020. We all stay inside as the plague doctor roams the streets. We don’t know if they are here to help or to harm but their presence is a dark omen either way.

Halloween brings us closer to death, but closer to life also. An encounter with death is a great motivator. Memento mori – remember you are mortal. This print – entitled “Awaiting the Cure” – and the accompanying playlist, serve as that reminder. Warning: this print and collection of songs may invite death to your doorstep.

“Awaiting the Cure”

Linocut Print
Limited Edition of 12



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